Profitable co2 recycling with plasma catalysis technology

enaDyne develops innovative non-thermal plasma catalysis reactors that turn CO2 into green chemicals and fuels in a single efficient process step.

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Our Goal: Profitable use of CO2 as a resource

More than 4000 gigatons (thats 4 trillion tons) of excess CO2 have already been released into our atmosphere. And every year, we add another 30 to 40 gigatons on top of that. To turn this development around in the forseeable future, it will not be enough to merely reduce emissions. A continuous active reduction of already existing CO2 pollution – or better – the scalable and profitable use of CO2 as a meaningful resource is necessary. Achieving this goal is our mission.

enaDyne develops a novel kind of plasma reactor capable of converting CO2 into valuable hydrocarbons such as methanol, ethanol or ethylene in a novel, highly efficient and, above all, economically scalable process.

Gigatons of excess CO2 in our atmosphere

Gigatons of additional CO2 Emissions per year

Gigatons of utilized CO2 per year

Gigatons until exceeding 1.5°C Goal

enaDyne plasma catalysis

Our reactors use a process called plasma catalysis. This allows CO2 and a hydrogen source – such as green hydrogen or green methane – to be converted into useful green chemicals or e-fuels. All this happens in a direct, single-stage process without having to produce syngas in an intermediate step.

More efficient

Our advanced plasma catalysis technology allows the selective conversion of CO2 to green chemical resources in a single, efficient process step. Combined with almost complete CO2 conversion, this means unprecedented energy efficiency.

More flexible

With our reactors, a wide variety of green chemicals and e-fuels such as ethanol, methanol and ethylene can be produced selectively and flexibly. We are also independent of large quantities of green hydrogen, as we can also use green methane as a H2 source.

More scalable

enaDyne pursues a modular approach in which many small and inexpensive reactors are operated in parallel. This qualifies the technology for both industrial and decentralized applications. A start-up time of only a few minutes further increases flexibility.


More sustainable

The enaDyne CCU technology can already be operated with a renewable energy share of only 80% in a CO2-neutral manner, since small parts of the CO2 produced in the process are captured as solid carbon. In addition, no rare earths are required for its production and operation.

Versatile application

Our technology enables new opportunities for value creation in numerous industries. Both on the part of the CO2 emitters and the users of the resulting products.
To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced. The enaDyne technology avoids that inevitable carbon taxes become a competitive disadvantage and instead creates new value creation potentials.

The dependence on fossil raw materials and chemicals makes it impossible to reduce emissions and maintaining steady production  in many industries. We offer a scalable solution for this challenge.

Biogas plants

enaDyne reactors are ideal for biogas plants. On the one hand, they become an active CO2 sink. On the other hand, the original biomethane is upgraded to higher-priced resources such as ethylene.

Cement industry

CO2 emissions cannot be avoided in the cement production. As a result, cement plants sometimes produce several thousand tons of CO2 per day. With enaDyne, the climate killer is turned into a resource.

Chemical industry

Chemicals such as ethylene, can currently only be produced on the basis of fossil raw materials. With enaDyne technology, these resources can be produced cost-effectively and in sufficient quantities.


Even though car manufacturers increasingly reliy on e-mobility, combustion engines will continue to play a role for many years to come. To increase sustainability, enaDyne supplies the necessary carbon neutral e-fuels.

Join us in changing the world for the better.

The climate crisis needs to be addressed today. We read about its tragic effects in the news every day already. Join us in or quest to change the world and help us make the world a better, more sustainable place.

If you are interested in our technology, in a cooperation or just want to have a quick chant, we look forward to hearing from you.